Past Speakers

Here are some of the Amazing Speakers that have spoken at Girls For Progress Conferences.

Amy Jo Martin

dR Amy Martin twitter-003

Amy Jo, author of New York Times best-seller Renegades Write the Rules, founded Digital Royalty in 2009 to help corporations, celebrities and sports entities humanize their brands online through social communication channels. Amy Jo has worked closely with world-renowned brands such as Hilton Worldwide, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal to successfully humanize their presence. Amy Jo herself has a social media following of more than a 1.1 million people and was named the third most powerful woman on Twitter by Forbes.

In 2012 Tony Hsieh, CEO of, and Baron Davis, NBA player, invested in Amy Jo and her company. After a successful seven-year run as the Founder & CEO of Digital Royalty and growing the business globally into ten different countries, Amy Jo recently exited the company.

As a young female building her career in male-centric industries, Amy Jo has developed a passion for helping women thrive in business leadership. She is currently spending her time investing in other female entrepreneurs so they can reach their full potential.  You can learn more about Amy Jo on her website

 Aleena Valdez


Aleena Valdez is a 12 year old entrepreneur. She is the owner of her own business called Aleena’s LemonAid Stand.  She spells LemonAid with an “Aid” because she donates a portion of her money to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital to benefit kids with cancer.  In 2015 Aleena donated over $600 from the stand, and was able to partner with her school to raise an additional $721.

Aleena lives by the phrase “You are never to young to change the world”. She is passionate about making a difference in her community and helping other girls out along the way. She is the founder of Girls For Progress, and wants to change perceptions of what kids and girls are capable of doing.

Stacy Nadeau


In the summer of 2005, six women made national news when they appeared on a Times Square billboard, dressed only in their underwear. While other nearby billboards features actresses and supermodels, this one, promoting Dove brand products, promoted real women with real curves and the nation went wild. Dove’s mission was “to make more women feel beautiful every day by widening the stereotypical theme of beauty and by inspiring women to take great care of themselves.”

Suddenly, Stacy, an industrial organizational psychology major at DePaul University, was thrust into the national spotlight. As one of the real women featured in Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, Stacy quickly emerged as a spokeswoman for healthy body image. She appeared on the Today Show, CNN, Ellen, Dr. Phil, Tyra, and Oprah (twice).

In her 10-year span as a change-creating speaker, Stacy has expanded her work to corporate America where she passionately shares her system for all women to feel tough enough to “Suit up to Break Through”.

Stacy has committed her life and career to helping women feel great about themselves. Stacy lives in Chicago, IL with family. She works full-time as a mom, speaker, consultant, and coach to empower women everywhere. You can learn more about Stacy on her website

Shauna Harrison


Shauna is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock, and yogi. A graduate of Stanford, UCLA and Johns Hopkins, she simultaneously pursued academics and fitness and ultimately.secured her first major sponsorship {Under Armour®} shortly after finishing her PhD in Public Health. 
Shauna teaches classes across the Bay Area that fuse her varied background and love for hip hop. Shauna currently partners with TRX®, SKLZ®, Zico®, Perfect Bar, Clearly Kombucha, Sweat Cosmetics, Passion Planner and Cappellos and is a Lifestyle Athlete and Creative Director for Zenrez. She is a contributing writer for MindBodyGreen and Yoga Digest and runs the #SweatADay challenge on Instagram. You can learn more about Shauna at

Suzy Batiz


A natural rebel, Suzy Batiz, Founder and CEO of Poo~Pourri, ignored her instincts and played by the “rules” for the first four decades of her life. Overriding her intuition led to some of life’s harshest personal and professional struggles, including domestic abuse, failed businesses and bankruptcy. 

 It was her second bankruptcy at 40 that propelled her on a spiritual quest, where she discovered the lost art of tapping the body for stored creativity and ideas. So, she threw the rulebook out for good and founded Poo~Pourri in a way that was, well, radical. 

 She built the 300M+ business using what she calls the Radical Resonance System™, a body wisdom method that combines somatic training, quantum physics and interpersonal evolutionary processes. The company is a top place to work, play and profit for dozens of employees she lovingly calls her “poo crew.”

 Now, she elevates other entrepreneurs by teaching them her Radical Resonance System™, so they can evolve and achieve the same level of success in business and life. Suzy’s been profiled in Forbes, featured on CNBC, and honored by Ernst & Young and Inc. 5000 as a Top Entrepreneur. Her book will be out soon, so stay in touch with her on

Sandra Dee Robinson


The media has titled Sandra Dee Robinson, the “Charisma Coach.” In 2010, Sandra Dee founded Charisma on Camera, guiding sales forces and experts around the globe to develop authentic power behind their personal presence and communication skills. She has become an international speaker, author and TV host.

Her first career put her on televisions worldwide. As an actress she portrayed major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and many prime time shows as well During her many years in Hollywood, Sandra Dee consistently supported wildlife conservation through fundraising events and hands-on work with animals.

Currently, Sandra Dee applies her decades of studies on human and animal behavior in unique events known as, Charismatic Cowgirl retreats. Here, nature, and specifically horses, transforms women’s perception of the world around them, and their abilities to make improvements within it.

Meredith McCaskill

Meredith Headshot
Meredith is the co founder or Twelve North Consulting, a personal branding and social media coaching company. She works alongside some of the world’s most successful businessmen and women to extract their personal essence and develop an online presence.

Before helping brand and coach individuals, Meredith helped global hospitality brands like Hilton Hotels & Resorts build their social media footprint.

Meredith has always been in the business of helping brands and individuals alike create a powerful online voice. She finds the most joy in watching people step into their power position. That place where they’ve always belonged and couldn’t step into confidently. She’s a marketer, a creator and a confidence builder for those who are destined to be legacy leavers.

Vivian Sanchez


As the director of build for the lady cans robotics team in Austin, Vivian Sanchez is currently competing in her fourth year on the team. As a key member of the team, she is always up for any type of challenge. Her hobbies include roller derby, photography, and cosmetology with career aspirations to be an industrial cosmetic chemist

Juleea Sanchez

Juleea Sanchez is a proud member of the Lady Cans FIRST Robotics team in Austin Tx.  With the title of Chief Technology Officer and her leadership on the programming team, Juleea is always looking for ways to help her team achieve success. In her downtime, she can be found developing video games and studying all things biology related.  She hopes to continue making a positive impact on the world around herb by becoming a restoration ecologist.


Claire Blakely

climbing trees

Unlike most of the people you meet in the city, I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I graduated high school in June of 2015 from Anderson High School, receiving the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Going straight into the working world after high school, working at Thinkery for 1.5 years, I learned a lot about myself and realized that going down the college path was not something I wanted to do quite yet. Instead, I focused on moving up at Thinkery where I was promoted twice internally, achieving my then dream job where I got to bring STEAM concepts into the classroom, co teaching with teachers and leading professional development sessions when I was only nineteen. I transitioned from Thinkery to become a VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) for Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) in April of this year. Working with Texas Children in Nature at TPWD, I am learning more about what I want to study in the future as well as what kind of career I would like to embark on, all the while inspiring Texas families to get outside. When not working, I enjoy getting outside as much as possible, specifically to climb mountains as I intend on climbing Mt Everest some day. I also enjoy roller skating, playing pinball, and long walks on the beach. (Just kidding, I actually really despise the beach.)

Gold Award Description: When I as in elementary school, I was not afforded the chance to pursue robotics, having to wait until middle school before I got the chance to fully enjoy it. While enjoying being a team member on the GSCTX FIRST robotics Team 2881, I realized that I had the opportunity to start elementary school robotics teams at elementary schools that fed into Anderson High School. This started the two year process, where I started three FIRST Lego League robotics teams at three elementary schools, marking for one of the first times that every feeder school into Anderson had a robotics program. After starting these teams, I wrote a Survival Guide on how to start and maintain a robotics team at the elementary school level, which was published on numerous websites including Central Texas FIRST. Even after finishing my Gold Award, I continued to inspire robotics education at Thinkery where they now have paid robotics programming.