Mentor Information


We are looking for empowering female role models to mentor girls, ages between 13-18, for one year including one call/facetime a month. We are looking for mentors who have an expertise in, but not limited to, entrepreneurship, leadership, STEM, self esteem. This will be a national mentorship program with girls and mentors from across the country.  Girls For Progress is still looking to impact girls lives, just trying to find new ways to accomplish that. 


This annual mentorship program is to help impact girls in a more connected and comfortable environment. The three main goals for Girls For Progress are (1) help girls be aware of their social surroundings, (2) inspire them to make a difference in their community, and (3) support each other while doing these things. WIth the conferences we put together in the past, we were able to knock down the first two, but had a harder time with the third goal since it was a one day event and fairly new for a lot of the girls who attended. Girls For Progress still wants to make an impact on young girls lives and take care of all three goals. With that in mind, we are opening this program in an effort to provide opportunities for girls to be mentored in a more comfortable setting and gain a new mentor and support system. 


Mentors will have a set topic to talk about for the year, things like entrepreneurship, leadership, STEM, self esteem, etc, and share their experiences, struggles, and advice. During this time, it’s also an opportunity for the mentees to share their struggles and ask for feedback. Mentors will also that will need to do the following

  • Set up monthly calls/facetimes with the girls (minimum of one hour)
  • Hit monthly goals that you need to cover that will be given to you
  • Give feedback as to how the calls went, both good and bad
  • Stay connected with mentees 


On our website,, there is a section for the Mentorship Program, and sub section for Mentor Applications and will find it there. 

To reach me for more information or if you have any other questions, shoot me an email at

Thank You,

Aleena Valdez

Founder of Girls For Progress