Mentee Information


We are looking for girls, ages 13-18, who would be interested in being mentored by a woman for a year! We want to pair teen girls up with a mentor with expertise in, but not limited to, entrepreneurship, leadership, STEM, and self esteem. This is a nationwide mentorship program to help young girls gain insight and support from mentors, with similar interest, about their passion and carry on to make a difference in their community. Girls For Progress is still looking to help girls gain the support and knowledge to go out and carry out their dreams and passions to create change in their community. 


This annual mentorship program is to help girls in a more connected, comfortable, and supportive environment. Girls For Progress has had conferences in the past and girls have given us great feedback about loving the speakers and wanting to talk with them more on a more one on one basis. We are opening this program in an effort to provide opportunities for girls to be able to ask the questions they have been wondering to someone with expertise and create a new relationship/connection that will help them grow as young women.. 


Mentees will be paired with a mentor within the area they want to be mentored. From there virtual meetings will be set up with the mentor and mentee. This time will be used to talk with their mentor about things around your topic or area such as entrepreneurship, leadership, STEM, self esteem, etc. This time will give you the mentee quality time to gain knowledge through the mentor’s story about their experiences and struggles. During this time, it’s also an opportunity for you, the mentee, to share your own struggles or questions to receive support and advice from your mentor. Mentees will also that will need to commit to the following 

  • Attend a monthly call/facetime with the mentor and possibly another mentee (minimum of one hour)
  • Set up your own goals of how you want to become a better person throughout the program 
  • Create your own project to help your community after month 3 
  • Give feedback as to how the calls went, both good and bad
  • Stay connected with the other mentee and mentor. They are your extra support system whether the year is up or not. 


On our website,, there is a section for the Mentorship Program, and a sub section for Mentee Applications and will find it there. 

To reach me for more information or if you have any other questions, shoot me an email at

Thank You,

Aleena Valdez

Founder of Girls For Progress