Goals For GFP

I believe anyone can change the world and make positive impacts in their community. I also believe that it is easier to do this with some support.  Girls For Progress is about girls stepping up and supporting each other to help each other make these positive impacts in their lives and their communities.  There are 3 main goals I am trying to achieve with the conference and are below.

  • To help girls become more aware of their social surroundings.  There are many items in the media and social media that may have connotations of what girls are or should be.  Recognizing these items is the first step in being able to change perceptions and those same connotations.
  • To create an environment that inspires girls to effect change. I want to bring girls together who want to make a difference in their lives and their communities to inspire them to do just that. The conference would be a starting point and used as that spark to inspire girls.
  • To sustain a community that fosters positive relationships and growth through peer support. I have achieved some great things, but I have also had support along the way.  Change does not happen overnight, but it can be achieved gradually through peer support and positive relationships.  Everyone needs some help along the way.  Girls For Progress wants to sustain that community that helps when girls need that help.