Confirmed Speakers – Austin Conference

I am in pursuit of strong influential women and girls to speak at this conference. I am determined to bring powerful women that will ignite a spark in the young women attending. It’s important to me to get the right kind of speakers because this conference is something I am passionate about. I want this conference to be that spark or that spring board that launches successful stories for all girls that attend.

Tania Katan

Tania Katan Headshot

Tania Katan is an award-winning author, creative consultant and keynote speaker who believes in storytelling at all costs! As the former Brand Evangelist for Axosoft, she co-created the internationally viral campaign #ItWasNeverADress. Now, Katan empowers people and companies (like American Express, Humana, Expedia, Etsy, and more) to be a little unruly, disrupt the status quo and embrace their inner rebel. She is working on a book about sneaking more creativity into less overtly creative spaces like cubicles, bathrooms and boardrooms to be published by Random House in 2019.

Amy Jo Martin

dR Amy Martin twitter-003

Amy Jo, author of New York Times best-seller Renegades Write the Rules, founded Digital Royalty in 2009 to help corporations, celebrities and sports entities humanize their brands online through social communication channels. Amy Jo has worked closely with world-renowned brands such as Hilton Worldwide, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal to successfully humanize their presence. Amy Jo herself has a social media following of more than a 1.1 million people and was named the third most powerful woman on Twitter by Forbes.

In 2012 Tony Hsieh, CEO of, and Baron Davis, NBA player, invested in Amy Jo and her company. After a successful seven-year run as the Founder & CEO of Digital Royalty and growing the business globally into ten different countries, Amy Jo recently exited the company.

As a young female building her career in male-centric industries, Amy Jo has developed a passion for helping women thrive in business leadership. She is currently spending her time investing in other female entrepreneurs so they can reach their full potential.  You can learn more about Amy Jo on her website

Andra Liemandt


Andra Liemandt is a coveted keynote speaker, drummer, philanthropic leader and influencer in the Austin community. Her work focuses on sharing the message that you are enough to audiences everywhere, to encourage them to accept themselves and that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. She has graced the cover of Austin Woman Magazine and is on a mission to positively impact women and children in the Austin community and beyond.

After graduating college from Texas Lutheran University, Andra’s career included working at Dell computers as well as being a pharmaceutical sales representative for Abbott Laboratories.

Andra is the founder of The Mrs, an all-female four-piece pop-rock band, and the head of JL Entertainment, their record label. The band has been featured on Good Morning America, Billboard, BuzzFeed, People and The Queen Latifah Show. They’ve played together for three years and gained momentum almost immediately after releasing their first music video featuring a Magic Mirror that shifted the way women saw themselves with messages of empowerment. That video has been viewed over five million times. The band is about to release their self-titled debut album in March, and continues to create infectious tunes to inspire and uplift their listeners.

Andra has spent many years dedicating her time in the philanthropic world to organizations such as Hand to Hold, The Safe Alliance, The Survive2Thrive Foundation, The Center for Child Protection, Just Keep Living and the Miracle Foundation to name a few. She’s chaired the silent auction for St Gabriel’s School Gala and served on multiple committees including Dell Children’s, The Rise School of Austin, Women’s Day Selection Committee and the Texas Film Society.

Most recently, she founded The Kindness Campaign to spread kindness as a key to changing the way children relate to themselves and one another. She pulled together a talented team to create a powerful curriculum created to prevent bullying, which includes taking the Magic Mirror to schools to allow kids to see themselves differently. In its first year, the curriculum was translated into Spanish and has since been implemented in 80 schools around Austin.

Andra lives in Austin with her husband, Joe, and her two children, Kate and Elle.

Monica McCoy

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Monica McCoy is a highly sought-after global speaker, executive coach, business strategist, and founder of MonicaMotivates, LLC. Through this organization, she leads workshops for companies regarding the arena of success, diversity and inclusion, and strategic business initiatives.

She is a former Acting Global Director of Strategy and Innovation for The McDonald’s Division for The Coca-Cola Company. Monica left The Coca-Cola Company after fifteen successful years to focus on helping individuals discover their purpose and passion.  Monica’s clients include Mercedes Benz-USA, SunTrust, The Coca-Cola Company, Primrose, and many more.

An global award-winning speaker, Monica was among 50 global women leaders who received the prestigious Women’s Economic Forum 2017 “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All’ Award in New Delhi, India in May 2017.  Monica was also recently featured on the cover of the global magazine, Evolve, where she discussed how entrepreneurs can effectively learn how to strategically pitch their brands to scale their business.

Monica recently launched an e-course with nine success modules entitled, ‘Are You Ready to Step Inside the Arena?’ and released her first book, Best Life Lessons Learned from Real People.  Monica is also the founder of MonicaMotivates Pitch University where she teaches corporate professionals how to strategically position their brand for long-term success and she teaches entrepreneurs how to effectively pitch their brand to raise capital.  To learn more about MonicaMotivates, please visit

Stacy Nadeau


In the summer of 2005, six women made national news when they appeared on a Times Square billboard, dressed only in their underwear. While other nearby billboards features actresses and supermodels, this one, promoting Dove brand products, promoted real women with real curves and the nation went wild. Dove’s mission was “to make more women feel beautiful every day by widening the stereotypical theme of beauty and by inspiring women to take great care of themselves.”

Suddenly, Stacy, an industrial organizational psychology major at DePaul University, was thrust into the national spotlight. As one of the real women featured in Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, Stacy quickly emerged as a spokeswoman for healthy body image. She appeared on the Today Show, CNN, Ellen, Dr. Phil, Tyra, and Oprah (twice).

In her 12-year span as a change-creating speaker and coach, Stacy has worked with thousands to ensure positive internal language to increase productivity and self-confidence. Stacy passionately shares her system for all women to embrace a positive mindset and kick major butt!

Stacy has committed her life and career to helping women feel great about themselves. Stacy lives in Chicago, IL with her family. She works full-time as a mom, speaker, consultant, and coach to empower women everywhere.

Keila Banks


Keila Banks is a 15 year old programmer, web designer, entrepreneur and international speaker. She started programming at 9 and has been traveling the world speaking on being a young girl in tech. At age 12 she won the Young Entrepreneur of the year award beating out people much older than her. Since then she’s been recognized by the mayor of Los Angeles, Long Beach California and presented in 2016 at the White House as an example of great things our youth are doing in technology. Coming from a tech family she loves and embraces many forms of technology without letting it getting in the way of just having fun being a kid.

Aleena Valdez


Aleena Valdez is a 12 year old entrepreneur. She is the owner of her own business called Aleena’s LemonAid Stand.  She spells LemonAid with an “Aid” because she donates a portion of her money to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital to benefit kids with cancer.  Aleena has donated over $2,500 to date, and continues to expand her customer base as well as her giving.

Aleena lives by the phrase “You are never to young to change the world”. She is passionate about making a difference in her community and helping other girls out along the way. She is the founder of Girls For Progress, and wants to change perceptions of what kids and girls are capable of doing.