What Is Girls For Progress?


Girls For Progress is a conference that was created by then 12 year old Aleena Valdez to inspire young girls to change the world. The goals for the conference are to create an environment that encourages girls to grow and effect change both personally and in their communities.  We want young girls to become more aware of their social surroundings and how those influences affect or create perceptions for girls and women.  The method to effect change in a positive way is to create and sustain a community that fosters positive relationships and growth through peer support.  I am excited to announce that the first annual Girls For Progress Conference took place in downtown Phoenix August 27, 2016. I am even more excited to announce that the Girls For Progress Conference expanded to Austin Texas, June 17, 2017. There will be 2 conferences in 2018, one in Austin April 21 and then we are bringing it back to Phoenix in August/September.